3 Interesting treatments for Botox

It’s been over forty years since Botulinum was used in its first clinical trial.

Botox has come a long way from its origin as a corrective treatment for crossed eyes folks. Early on, very few physicians understood that Botox's treatment of muscle hyperactivity could have many benefits.

In the late 90’s early 2000’s, Botox became wildly famous for its ability to remove wrinkles. Even to this day, Botox is best known for it’s cosmetic applications. It’s easily one of the top sellers we see at Sheth Dermatology, especially our Downers Grove Med Spa.


Researchers and Physicians are continuing the search for new ways to use this treatment. Let’s explore three hidden gems that Botox can be used for that you never considered!


1. Chronic Migraine Relief

Women between 35-55 suffer migraines more frequently

Women between 35-55 suffer migraines more frequently


In the US more than 37 million people suffer from chronic migraines. It is a debilitating ailment that vastly lowers the quality of life for the one suffering.

There are many different types of migraines and the triggers are different for each person.

Typically women, aged 35 -55 years old, suffer most frequently.

In 2010, the FDA approved Botox for intramuscular injection as a preventative treatment of migraines.

Benefits of Botox include providing migraine relief by inducing muscle relaxation.


Typically physicians recommend treatments once every three months. They will inject small doses in several locations on the face and neck:

Typical injection sites for migraines:

  • The bridge of the nose

  • Temples

  • Forehead

  • Back of the head

  • Neck

  • Upper Back

Inducing muscular paralysis in these key areas has proven effective. The use of Botox has also relieved many migraine sufferers' dependence on pain medication. After injection, it can take 10 days to two weeks to experience relief.


2. Sweating

Botox can block the chemical that activates the sweat glands.

Botox can block the chemical that activates the sweat glands.


For those that suffer from Hyperhidrosis, or excessive underarm sweating, Botox can be a welcome treat. Excessive sweating is an embarrassing disorder that even extra strength antiperspirants cannot control.

In 2004, the FDA approved Botox for use as a treatment for underarm sweating.

Botox has the ability to temporarily block the chemical that activates our sweat glands. Treatments are effective almost immediately with repeat visits are needed every seven to 16 months.

But how do you know the difference between common sweatiness and Hyperhidrosis?

Diagnosing Hyperhidrosis is an important first step to seeking treatment.

How many times per day do you worry about sweating?

Does excessive sweating affect your work or social life?

Have you tried every OTC treatment with no results?

If you find that your answers align you with this diagnosis, you should consider Botox treatment. The benefits of Botox are time-proven and show little to no long-term side effects.


3. Crossed Eyes

Originally designed to treat this condition, Botox is often a forgotten remedy.

Originally designed to treat this condition, Botox is often a forgotten remedy.


Strabismus is the medical name for having crossed eyes. Treating this condition was the original use of Botox, but very few know these origins.

After numbing eye drops are placed in the eye, the specialist will place a special needle into the eye muscle directly. When the correct location is targeted, a dose of .1 ml is administered. The expert will wait 30 seconds before removing the needle to reduce the spread of the toxin within the eye.

Botox can also help to reduce chronic eyelid spasms. Each eye has six muscles, with two moving the eye laterally by pulling in opposite directions. If one muscle becomes weakened, the eye can be pulled out of alignment. This causes the eye to appear lazy.

These amazing benefits of Botox are still used today and continue to develop.

The Amazing Benefits of Botox

Who knew this one treatment could have so many wonderful benefits when administered safely?

Botox's unique ability to relax muscles has treated so many conditions. Its cosmetic uses are just the beginning.

Research continues to find new treatments. Many proven treatments are waiting in line for FDA approval.

Botox Services at Sheth Dermatology are performed in a serene environment under the supervision of licensed and experienced experts. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!